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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

As an education charity, we are fully committed to advancing education for the public benefit.

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  • Adaptability

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Humility

  • Collaboration

  • Humour & Positivity

  • Supportiveness & Trust

Our Staff

Executive Headteacher

Mrs. J. Wilkinson-Tabi

Head of School

Mrs. K. Garrett

Interim - Head of School

Mr. J. Croucher

Assistant Headteacher / EYFS Lead

Miss. S. Lovell


 Ms. S. Gardner



Nursery - Hazel Tree Class: Ms. O. Osonowo

Nursery - Elm Tree Class: Ms V. Kwamin

Reception - Elder Tree Class: Miss. E. Bray

Reception - Hawthorn Tree Class: Ms.S. Lovell

Year 1 - Rowan Tree Class: Ms. J. Sangha

Year 1 - Willow Tree Class: Mr. C. Flowers

Year 2 - Willow Tree Class: Ms. E. Nunes

Year 2 - Maple Tree Class: Miss. M. Franklyn

Year 3 - Aspen Tree Class - Miss. P. Webster

Year 4 - Juniper Tree Class - Ms I. Cole

Year 5 -  Oak Tree Class - Ms. N. Kemal 

Specialist Resource Provision - The Woodlands: Ms. L. Bradbury

Forest School Lead: Mrs. P. Martinez


Support Staff

Office Administrator: Mrs. E. Dara

Office Administrator: Mrs. A. Gold

Early Years Practitioner: Ms. E. Farress

Early Years Practitioner: Miss. K Howes

Early Years Practitioner: Ms. L. Deadman

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs. K. Willmott

HLTA: Ms. A. Thornhill

HLTA: Mrs. A. Hudson

Teaching Assistant: Miss. D. Seaton

Teaching Assistant: Miss. A. Seaton 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. D. Price

Teaching Assistant: Miss. N. Jones

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. K. Edwards

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. K. Wakeman

Teaching Assistant: Miss. L. Wakeman

Teaching Assistant: Miss. T. Roberts

Teaching Assistant: Ms. M. Cross


Estates Lead: Mr. R. McCormick

Site Supervisor: Mr. L. Barcellos