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Welcome to Ebbsfleet Green's Specialist Resource Provision

The Woodlands is a ‘Specialist Resource Provision’ and is resourced to meet the additional needs of up to 15 children (starting with 8 children and growing incrementally each year) who have social communication difficulties and who, without such provision would be unable to access a mainstream curriculum. The children will have a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and an EHCP. They may have sensory or communication needs which hinder their learning and ability to learn in a mainstream provision without appropriate support and intervention but will be children for whom cognitively a mainstream school would be accessible and appropriate to their individual needs.The SRP (The Woodlands) is a provision at Ebbsfleet Green Primary School which offers a personalised way of working to support primary age children with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in North Kent. The provision is situated within the main school site and is totally inclusive.

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The Woodlands Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Our Specialist Resource Provision Policy

SRP Policy

Our Aims for the Woodlands

We aim to ensure that our pupils with an ASD:

  • Are supported to access learning opportunities in a meaningful way that takes account of their learning style and the impact of their Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Feel confident, happy and secure in themselves, their relationships and their learning.
  • Have the right to protection from all types of harm or abuse.
  • Develop and maximise their ability to communicate and interact socially with others.
  • Develop their ability to think flexibly, effectively and independently.
  • Successfully use strategies to help them manage challenges presented by their Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Reach their potential academically and individually.
  • Have goals and aspirations for their life beyond school and are as independent as possible in their ability to achieve them.
  • Are equipped and confident to take their place in society; able to be proactive and productive members of society, accessing opportunities to continue learning or working.

Our Vision

We offer a child-centred inclusive approach to delivering holistic opportunities and a broad and balanced personalised curriculum for pupils who have a high level of need associated with an ASD. Our children have access to specialist interventions, specialist teaching and resources within The Woodlands base in addition to high-quality universal provision and support within mainstream classrooms, allowing the identification of any barriers to learning individuals are experiencing. Specialist resource teachers deliver or support the delivery of an age-appropriate differentiated curriculum, specialist resources, high-quality evidenced based interventions and teaching approaches and strategy tool kits.The Woodlands promotes and enables the inclusion of each individual children supported within Ebbsfleet Green School on a personalised basis. It recognises that periods of transition and specific need mean that at different times, and for different individuals, there may be variation in the amount of mainstream lessons children can access and provides personalised timetables to ensure individuals' needs are met in order to facilitate their future pathway to accessing learning with their peers.

We strive to:
  • Provide high quality, evidence based intervention at a clinical, targeted and universal level and ensure developing skills and strategies are transferred by applying them across the curriculum and within different environments.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing and happy environment for our children, staff and parents.
  • Have high aspirations for children's academic progress and narrow gaps in attainment from difficulties with social communication.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum through personalised levels of differentiation and support that is reviewed regularly to ensure it meets individual academic, independence and life skill needs.
  • Promote and enable increasing inclusion within mainstream classes personalised to meet individuals' needs.
  • Utilise clear assessment and tracking of systems to monitor and address children's progress in interventions, the curriculum, social/emotional and personal targets.
  • Use early identification of and graduated response towards recognising additional needs.
  • Provide support tailored and responsive to children's individual needs. This may be 1:1 for some sessions, small discrete groups for interventions, specialist support in core subjects either in class or within the Woodlands or independent access of specific mainstream lessons. Each child has a regularly reviewed personalised timetable to reflect their current need.
  • A high level of staff to support personalisation of provision for different individuals.
  • Ensure children have rich language and social models from mainstream peers, staff and the school environment.
  • Ensure all children across Ebbsfleet Green School are aware of the varying challenges and characteristics of children with an ASD and equally any other learning needs within the school community and value the positive and unique contributions every individual brings.
  • Explicitly teach and support children’s social skills, self - esteem, functional and life skills.
  • Identify individual children’s barriers to learning and address these.
  • Develop independence and reduce barriers to children's academic and social development.
  • Plan personalised targets and long term goals alongside children and parents?  Work with parents to develop networks of support and tools and techniques to help them support their children.
  • Support children to identify what helps them and what strategies they can use to develop their independence and confidence.
  • Prepare children for transitions.
  • Support all mainstream staff to be expert practitioners of high quality inclusive teaching for children with an ASD.
  • Provide outreach to schools requesting ASD teaching support.